Avoid Potential Legal Fines with CookieZen

Peace of mind that your business stays up-to-date with the ever-changing data regulations around the world

Your One-Stop Website Privacy Solution for Complete Peace of Mind!

Cookiezen helps you to keep your website in compliance with the stringent privacy laws like GDPR, UK ICO (GDPR) , German DSGVO, Canada PIPEDA , French CNIL, Brazil LGPD, California CCPA, Singapore PDPA and more.

No more long hours researching about legalities 😑😑 and worry about creating, updating policies for your business 😥😥

Do all that without having to spend thousands of $$ in legal fees or wasting hours of your time every week to keep up with with ever changing privacy laws worldwide.

Cookiezen is your one stop solution for complete website compliance with latest privacy laws. How?

Firstly it gives you a cookie consent solution which is a cookie banner added on to your website. Cookies get blocked or allowed based on your website visitors preference and consent logs of your website get stored in your Cookiezen account.

Second it gives you the ability to create policies which are mandatory as per GDPR – Cookie and Privacy policy

Policies are created based on cookies/ trackers your website uses like google analytics, fb pixels, etc. Policies are automatically updated every month according to the latest regulations and changes made in your website.

And the best part? It just takes a few minutes and clicks to get the whole setup done 🙂
Above all Cookiezen is available at a special one time price right now i.e. no daunting monthly payments.

Cookiezen is an perfect solution for you if you are a non techie like blogger, ecom store owner, a marketeer or are just looking for easy compliance setup for your online business.

So with Cookiezen you save yourself 100s of hours of research and thousands of $$ of lawyer fees to comply easily with the latest privacy laws.

Please note: Privacy policy update upcoming in the next few weeks

So what do you get in Cookiezen?

Cookie Consent Solution

Cookie consent banner ->Automatic website cookie scan, auto cookie blocker, consent logs and style cookie banner design to match you website brand color, logo and position.

Add cookie consent to your website via light weight unique JS snippet that got created in your account. Easy step by step instructions available for how to add it with your website builder.

Privacy Policy - Upcoming

Generates both cookie and privacy policy within 10 – 15 minutes according to your business type, location etc. Policies created are based on your business information you add.

After creating simply add auto updating policy URL or policy JS snippet to your website. Policies are automatically updated every month according to the latestthe latest website and privacy regulation changes.
Privacy policy: Coming in the next few weeks

Cookiezen setup was effortless - from customizing the cookie banner to installing it onto my website everything was a breeze, seriously kudos to the team. Above all adding it to my website had minimal impact on the page speed score .

Edy Werder

Website Owner

Source- Capterra

Doesn’t slow down your website

Unlike most other cookie consent banner software, Cookiezen won't slow down your website by a bit.

Still not sure? Here is our test result to prove 😉

Test site: https://www.testplace.today/

GTmetrix report:


Play Demo video Got questions ? Cookiezen setup guide

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Plan overview



Lifetime access

25 Websitse
Unlimited Pageviews
200k Consent logs/ month

Lifetime Access

Updates with latest legal laws

Cookie script auto blocker

Consent logs – Store/ Export

Customize banner branding

Monthly site cookie scans

Remove Cookiezen branding

Upcoming Roles & Permission update

Upcoming Agency updates

Personalized onboarding call with the founder


Lifetime access

3 Websites
5 million Pageviews
25k Consent logs/ month

Lifetime Access

Updates with latest legal laws

Cookie script auto blocker

Consent logs – Store/ Export

Customize banner branding

Monthly site cookie scans

Remove Cookiezen branding


Lifetime access

10 Websites
15 million Pageviews
100k Consent logs/ month

15 Million Pageviews

Lifetime Access

Updates with latest legal laws

Cookie script auto blocker

Consent logs – Store/ Export

Customize banner branding

Monthly site cookie scans

Remove Cookiezen branding

Upcoming Roles & Permission update

Lifetime Access(No monthly fees)
30 days money back guarantee
Safe payments via Stripe

Lifetime Plans


Annually (save 27%)



Lifetime access



Lifetime access



Lifetime access


Billed Annually


Billed Annually



Billed Annually






Lifetime Access
Included Websites 25 3 10
Monthly Pageviews Unlimited Pageviews/Month 5 million Pageviews/Month 15 million Pageviews/Month
Monthly Consent logs 200k Consent logs/ month 25k Consent logs/ month 100k Consent logs/ month
Monthly page scans/domain 3000 600 1500
Up to date with latest laws
Consent Preference Center

Legal Compliance




Global Compliance Protection
Automatic Website Cookies Scan
Multilanguage support
Regional Consent Rules
Cookie policy
Monthly Cookie Scan
Manual Cookie Edit
Scan Subdomains
Embedded Iframes blocker
Script Autoblocker
Consent logs





Customize Banner Branding
Remove Cookiezen Branding





CNAME Only in 50+ domains tiers Only in 50+ domains tiers Only in 50+ domains tiers
Roles & Permissions
Agency - Assign Domain





Help Guides & Videos
Bonus: Onboarding Call with the Founder

Coming Soon - Within next 1 - 4 months




Privacy Policy
Agency - Templates
Scheduled scans Monthly Only

People ❤️ CookieZen

"Cookiezen is a vital tool for websites to ensure GDPR and CCPA compliance, offering easy installation, amazing customization like brand color and position of cookie banner. Recommended for websites collecting user personal information or analytics data"

- Kenneth

"Cookiezen is a simple tool for GDPR/ CCPA compliance which is easy to set up, with cookie banner customizations like brand color, position, and consent tracking for websites targeting global users, making it easy to comply with global privacy laws"

- Henry

100% risk free

30 DAYS full money back guarantee

Cookiezen is the easiest way to meet the GDPR requirements, Absolutely recommended for non-tech site owners. Price is very good. Unlike most competitor tools sessions/ visitors are not limited...

Markus Gieringer

Agency Ownwer

Source- Facebook

Safe payments via Stripe

Get Lifetime Access

30 days money back guarantee

Money Savings

Currently paying per website

We found in survey, clients pay on average of 10 - 20$/ month for cookie consent solution.




Number of websites




Comparison of CookieZen VS current website ::
With CookieZen :

One time

With Competitor :

2 years cost

Total savings


You will save 90% in next 2 years by switching to CookieZen.

You'll save with CookieZen :
After 1 year:
+ $281
After 2 years:
+ $641
After 3 years:
+ $1001
After 5 years:
+ $1721

Meet Our Team

Profile 1


Product Visionary

Udit, our co-founder and visionary, is all about product vision, marketing, and strategy. With a knack for spotting opportunities where others see challenges, he is the driving force behind the product you see.

Profile 2


Development Wiz

Arun, our co-founder and development dynamo, is the wizard behind the code. With a passion for building things that just work, Arun turns vision into digital reality. His dedication to crafting robust solutions ensures your experience with our software is smooth sailing.

Profile 3

Our Secret Legal Advisor

The Compliance Whisperer

We'd love to tell you all about our brilliant legal advisor, but we're sworn to secrecy (literally, we don't have permission to spill the beans!). Just know, this behind-the-scenes maestro keeps us in line and our legal ducks in a row.

What Others Are Saying ?

Safe payments via Stripe

Get Lifetime Access

30 days money back guarantee

Data Privacy Compliance is Complex and Overwhelming

Compliance is becoming increasingly more difficult with the amount of data regulations constantly changing worldwide. In our interconnected world, you may need to follow laws you didn't even know existed. Trying to adhere to all these regulations on your own can be confusing, time-consuming, and potentially risky.

Make it fast & easy with CookieZen

CookieZen consent solution helps keep up with the with the ever evolving data regulations. Cookiezen makes it quick and easy-to-use to follow with stringent data regulations like GDPR, CCPA, CNIL & LGPD.

Have Questions? Get Answers

We've answered most common questions we get below, but if you need further support: please email us at [email protected].

You get a couple of things:
Multi-lingual cookie banner: The cookie banner stores your website visitor’s cookie/ other trackers consent preference and allow/ block trackers based on his preference.
Consent logs storage: The consent logs get stored in your Cookiezen account dashboard which you can export anytime for GDPR proof of consent regulation
Automatically updating Policies: Create and add privacy and cookie policy to your website that automatically gets updated without you having to do anything.

Yes pageviews are literally unlimited no caches! 🙂

Yes, we have done our maths before providing this unlimited. We have room to easily sustain for 3-4 years with these limits. So a lot of buffer in case we get to MRR late too.

Once you have onboarding as Cookiezen on any of the plans you can simply reach out to our support and we can get you DPA contract in a few days

Yes, Cookiezen works with a team of legal experts to ensure our consent manager stays up to date with the ever changing legal compliance.

Yes you can! We initially do automatic website scans for cookies or any other trackers. After the scan you can manually add, delete or categorize scripts/ cookies.

GDPR, ICO (UK GDPR), CNIL ( French GDPR ) , CCPA , LGPD, PIPEDA ( Canada )

Yes, you can add multiple domains in a single CookieZen account. The number of domains you can add depends on the plan you purchased.

Did you know Safari has been blocking 3rd party cookies for many years? So according to privacy laws, you would still need to get consent of your website visitor before placing your first-party cookies/trackers in their browser. So you would still need Cookiezen and even more badly due to new tracking ways being implemented.
If interested to read in-depth reference, please refer to this article: CookieZen Article.

For Agency plan please check -> cookiezen.io/agency. For upcoming affiliate program please write us at [email protected].

It takes 5-10 minutes to implement a cookie consent solution and another 5-10 minutes to create your cookie policy.

All things are built for you with steps so you don’t have to think, what to do, where to do. Even if you still get stuck there are easy to follow step by step guides available and our support team is here to help you.

If you are someone living in one of these below listed countries or serve customers in any of the locations, then yes you do need Cookiezen to comply with these privacy regulations hence need cookiezen:

  • European Union - GDPR
  • United Kingdom - UK ICO (Also known as UK GDPR)
  • United States:

    Note: This applies to handling data of residents irrespective of their current location; they could be traveling to any other US location for compliance to be applicable, so we recommend using Cookiezen if you are an SMB located in the USA. Also, other states are coming up fast with their own regulations, so unless you are tracking privacy laws daily, you can deploy Cookiezen on your website today and have one less thing to worry.

    • California - CCPA, CPRA
    • Connecticut - CDPA
    • Virginia - CTDPA
    • Colorado - CPA
    • Utah - UCPA
  • Argentina - Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)
  • Switzerland - Swiss Data Protection Act
  • Brazil - LGPD
  • Canada - PIPEDA
  • Singapore - PDPA
  • Philippines - Data Privacy Act of 2012 (DPA)

Yes, Cookiezen initially does automatic website scan when you add a new website. After that automatic scan runs periodically every month.

No it won’t many any difference to your website speed
Test site GTmetrix report - https://gtmetrix.com/reports/

Cname you can use to whitelabel cookiezen website embed code and sell it as your service to the client

Yes you can export consent logs of any of your desired date range. Consent logs are exported in the .csv file format.

Cookiezen won’t count subdomain as an extra domain, 1 domain plan mean primary domain + upto 10 additional subdomains

Why CookieZen ?

Easy to use & setup
Schedule your first appointment in less than 5 minutes.
Friendly Support
Friendly support and welcoming community to help you succeed.
Knowledge base
Step by step videos and documentation.

My cookies, regulatory compliance are updated each and every time there is an update. I don't have to worry whenever regulations change as Cookiezen ensures my site's compliance..

Elma Pena

Online Buiseness Owner

Source- Capterra

Very simple. We needed GDPR compliance. By solving that with Cookiezen, we've also managed to become compliant with GDPR, UK GDPR, German DSGVO, Canada PIPEDA , French CNIL, Brazil LGPD & California CCPA. Those were (very-well-received) bonuses.



Source- Capterra

Safe payments via Stripe

Get Lifetime Access

30 days money back guarantee

100% risk free

30 DAYS full money back guarantee

Still on the fence ?

Still wondering if Cookiezen is the right fit for your business or do you even need it? Lets figure it out:

If you are buying for current use - Get it if your business serves customers in Europe, US or Brazil. Its a no brainer because having cookiezen will save you from legal fines which is 10-1000x more costly that cost of Cookiezen.

If you are buying for later use - Get it irrespective of where your customers are from because every country is introducing their privacy regulations so a cookie software will be like a website that you will need for your business irrespective of where your business is located and whom you serve.
View Changelog Comparison with alternatives Got questions ?

Simple Steps to Compliance


We scan and categorize your site cookies & other trackers

All you need to do is enter your website URL. Rest Cookiezen bot will then automatically take care of scanning and categorize cookies & other trackers for your primary domain and subdomains.


Style to match your website brand

Now in just a few clicks you can customize consent banner to match your brand style.

For starters you can customize banner language, brand color, theme ( dark/light) , position & content of the banner. For nerds like us, there is custom CSS option for granular customization 😉


Integrate it with your website

You can easily add consent banner by simply adding a lightweight JS widget to your website.

Don't worry its easy, we have step by step guide and support team available if you get stuck at any step 🙂


Create Cookie and Privacy Policy

Now once your banner is working on the website, let’s move to the next step. Create and style both of your policies in just a few minutes.

Style created policies based on your website theme (dark/light) & font (color, size, weight).

Now you can easily add it directly to your website via a lightweight JS snippet or just link the policy URL hosted on Cookiezen.

Now policies will get automatically updated with the latest privacy laws, so you can focus on your core business.


Your website is compliant with the latest privacy laws

Yup, it was that easy.🙂

Now your website cookies/ trackers are blocked or loaded on your website based on your website visitor's consent preferences.

The consent logs are stored in your Cookiezen dashboard that can be exported anytime you need. Consent logs are mandatory for proof of consent for GDPR regulation.

To make sure your business stay in compliance every month your cookie consent banner and privacy policy is automatically updated according to latest website and regulation changes.

All features of CookieZen

Cookie Auto Blocker

Cookie auto blocker detects and categorizes, and then blocks certain scripts from running based on your website visitor's unique cookie settings.

Automatic Cookie Scanning

We scan/categorize all your website cookies automatically. All you have to do is give the website URL and review the scanned cookies..

Manually Add/Edit Cookies

Gives you full control to edit cookie categories, and descriptions, and edit/add any cookies manually in case we missed them in the scan or categorized them wrongly..

Quick and easy

Effortlessly achieve privacy law compliance with a few clicks! Designed for non-techies, It's quick & easy..

Works with your Regulation

GDPR, UK GDPR, German DSGVO, Canada PIPEDA , French CNIL, Brazil LGPD, Singapore PDPA & California CCPA

Works in your language

Current: English, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Spanish, Slovenian, Portuguese, Czech Upcoming: Danish, Swedish

Consent Logs

Consent logs are stored and can be exported in .csv format if needed to show for Proof of consent

Style to your brand

Style consent banner with multiple cookie banners customization options like colors, banner position, and theme - dark/light and your full banner content

Cookie Policy

Generate cookie policy in 1 click. Policy automatically updates with your latest website changes and with ever-changing laws. Simply add it to your website via direct URL or embed with a light js code.

Agency- CNAME

The embed URL you put in clients website will of your domain instead of app.cookiezen.io.
You can show it as a whitelabel solution as code embedded in your clients website will be of your domain not Cookiezen. This will increase your brand trust and authority for your agency.
Please Note: CNAME is included only in highest agency tier

Agency- Assign domains

Assign a particular domain/s to a client, so your clients can manage themselves without bothering you Clients can without bothering you:
1. Edit their banner design
2. Fill their business info to generate policy
3. Get consent logs if needed for proof of consent.

Roles and Permissions

Give your team members access to manage account. Delegate to a team member so you can concentrate on your core business.

All Upcoming Updates

Privacy Policy

Generate privacy policy under 5 minutes. Just fill in few business details and done. Privacy Policy will automatically get updated with the latest regulations. Simply add it to your website via direct URL or embed with a light js code.

Agency- Templates

Creating cookie banner from scratch for each client is a time consuming and soul crushing task. So we bring templates where you can make a cookie banner template with default colors, position & content. And for every client all you need to do is change brand color and done.
Just saved you couple of hours which you can work on sales or getting new clients 🙂.

100% risk free

30 DAYS full money back guarantee

This tool saved me a lot of time. It generates a complete cookie policy for my clients sites, by automatically detecting cookies and their usage. All the cookie compliance part for me is now fully automated and updated now with this tool!.


Agency Owner

Source- Trust pilot

My cookies, regulatory compliance are updated each and every time there is an update. I don't have to worry whenever regulations change as Cookiezen ensures my site's compliance.

Elma Pena

Online Business Owner

Source- Capterra

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